Idiosynchronism Tate Modern .

The current system forces artists to present long meaningless lists of exhibitions that they have taken part in  which they are forced to wear like the self awarded medals of dictators of banana republics in order to convince others of their credibility. We will not do this, neither will we boast of having taken part in worldwide documentas or biennales which have in the main become little more than modern art's equivalent to the Eurovision Song Contest.

We have already held some quanta-exhibitions at leading venues across the world to which nobody was invited. We reserve the right to show under assumed identities and styles so that none may know whether what they have seen is Idiosynchronist or not- the spectators' main concern anyway is with themselves and not with the works of any third party unless they feel that they can materially or socially benefit from it. 


The Blind Leading the Bland
26-03-2012 until 01-01-0001
Tate Modern, London
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