The Birth of Idiosynchronism
On September 6th 2005 Emilio was rummaging through some second hand books in a charity shop in England when he stumbled upon the original hand-drawn copy of The Yellow Philosophy Book.  Delighted with his find he immediately purchased it. Apart from some monograms the work is unsigned and the author totally unknown. All the charity shop owner could tell him was that it was found amongst the personal effects of a young man who had committed suicide many years previously. This struck a deep chord with Emilio, not only was the book written and illustrated in the year of his birth but more importantly the work represented art in its purest form, it had survived by chance, and it had served no other purpose than to fulfill the unknown creator of the work.

"The only way to make a dead thing live again is to leave it lying on the floor until it crawls away of it own accord"  The Yellow Philosophy Book